You have probably been living under the rock if you are unaware of Kashmir’s heart-stealing beauty. It’s time to wake up to the sounds of the enchanting mountains, the shining lakes, the ancient gardens of Kashmir. In this article, we will let you know which are the best places to visit in Kashmir.

Known for its landscapes, Kashmir is also known as ‘Paradise on Earth’ or India’s Switzerland. The region is now safe for travel after two back-to-back lockdowns. The new rule directs tourists to get their negative covid reports along.

While these difficult times take their toll on the people of Kashmir, it is still safe to visit. If you’re planning a trip to Kashmir in 2022, here is a list of the 6 places to visit in Kashmir.

1) Mughal Gardens:

Mughal Gardens in Srinagar

Mughal Gardens are among the best places to visit in Kashmir. There are total Mughal gardens in the blessed land of Kashmir. Four of them are located in the Srinagar city; Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Shahi, and Pari Mahal. Srinagar’s gardens are worth seeing while you’re there to see the amazing architecture of the Mughal era.

The view from these gardens is truly breathtaking. Walking in these gardens takes you back to the Mughal era. These gardens are a work of art. There you will see beautiful flower gardens, fountains, Huge chinar trees, and a view of Dal Lake. It gets beautiful during the sunsets. The rest two Mughal gardens are Achabal and Verinag. Achabal is about 58 km from Srinagar. Built in 1620, Achabal is a perfect example of Persian-style gardening.

On the other hand, Verinag falls on the Banihall mountain range in South Kashmir. It’s built around a spring which gets its source from the river Jhelum. Having an octagonal shape, Verinag gives us an idea of architecture in the Mughal times. You can reach there on your way to Pahalgam.

2) Gurez Valley:

Gurez Valley in Bandipora District

Once the gateway to the famous Silk Road, Gurez is now open for tourists. Post-independence, Gurez Valley was off-limits to tourists due to security reasons. It’s Located in the Bandipora district and is about 123 kilometers from Srinagar. Gurez seems to have no effect of Time and technology on it. As most of the natives of Gurez Valley still live in wooden houses due to the tough weather conditions. As a result of which the road to Gurez is inaccessible for nearly six months.

Gurez Valley has been emerging as a newly discovered attraction for tourists and Kashmiri people. As it gives away the picture of real village life. It would be unfair to say that Gurez is just another beautiful landscape in Kashmir. Gurez Valley is a paradise for photographers and its fresh air is simply food for the soul. However, the journey to Gurez Valley is long and tiring but it’s also worth being on the list of places to visit in Kashmir.

The main attraction of Gurez Valley is The Neelum river and the majestic mountains. On your journey to the captivating Gurez Valley, you can stop for tea and snacks. They serve some lip-smacking Kashmiri tea and the tea lovers will definitely enjoy it. In Gurez, one should refrain from photography in certain sensitive areas.

3) Betaab Valley:

Betaab Valley, Chandanwari in South Kashmir

Originally known as Hagan Valley, Betaab Valley is now known as its present name because of the famous movie ‘Betaab’. A major part of the movie had been shot in this beautiful piece of land located 15 km from Pahalgam in South Kashmir. Tourists from all over the world, especially India visit this valley because of the Bollywood movies. You can see Betaab Valley in movies, such as Bajrangi Bhaijan, Kashmir ki Kali, etc.

Betaab Valley has been a favorite Bollywood location since the 1960s. Every year, it witnesses a rush of tourists and locals of Kashmir. The snow-dressed mountains throw their reflection into the clear roaring Lidder river and the greenery around adds charm to it. Betaab Valley is an all-time favorite spot for picnics, camping, trekking, and rafting. It’s surely one of the best places to visit in Kashmir.

The atmosphere of this valley seems unreal. it gives you the Bollywood feels. Betaab Valley will make you speechless. For what it’s worth, it should definitely be on your bucket list.

4) Dachigam National Park:

Dachigam National Park in Srinagar

If you’re an animal lover or an environmentalist then it’s one of the best places to visit in Kashmir for you. Dachigam National Park is located 22 kilometers from Srinagar. It is home to the rare species of a stag, known as Hangul (Kashmiri Stag) in the local language.

Dachigam was a result of Maharaja’s directions under which several species of trees and plants were sown. In order to make food available to the wildlife in the harsh winters of Kashmir. Apart from Hangul, Dachigam National Park is home to musk deer, leopard, Grey Himalayan Langur, and Himalayan Black Bear.

It’s also home to exotic birds such as Himalayan Monal, Kashmir Flycatcher, and Tytler’s Leaf Warbler. Dachigam is magnificent as it changes its appearance at the beginning of each season. Visiting Dachigam requires a pass from the chief wildlife warden. To fully explore the park, Do it with a local professional guide. However, it’s better to remain eco-friendly as Dachigam is home to critically endangered animals.

5) Jamia Masjid:

Jamia Masjid in Downtown Srinagar

Jamia Masjid is Kashmir’s biggest mosque located in Srinagar city. If you adore architecture then it’s one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. Jamia Masjid can roughly accommodate 33,333 people at the same time, having a separate section for each gender. When visiting Jamia Masjid, avoid doing it on Fridays because of the huge crowd.

Jamia Masjid has been in existence since 1402 under the rule of Sultan Sikandar and in 1672 Emperor Aurengzeb did the renovations. With 370 wooden pillars, Jamia Masjid is a spot-on representation of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style.

On visiting Jamia Masjid, One must be careful with the attire as the place is sacred for the locals. There’s also a market around the mosque where you can get clothes, spices, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. This market offers a variety of products at reasonable prices. You can get a good bargain at this market if you’ve good bargaining skills.

6) Shankaracharya Temple:

Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar

The Shankaracharya Temple is also known as the Jyeshteshwara Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, it’s located on the top of the Shankaracharya Hill in Srinagar. It’s one of the oldest temples of the Kashmir Valley. Hindu Pilgrims from all over India visit this Temple. The Shankaracharya Temple dates back to 200 BC. It was Emperor Ashoka’s son, Jaluka who built this Temple. Adi Shankara visited the temple while reviving Hinduism in India. Hence, the temple has been named after him.

The Shankaracharya Temple lies at the height of 1100 feet above the surface level of Srinagar. The devotees prefer to trek their way up the temple. However, it’s difficult to climb the hill, and most opt for vehicles to get there. Once you get to the temple, the view from there is breathtaking. One can see the entire Srinagar city from the top of the hill. The trek to the hilltop can be tiring but totally worth it.

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