Srinagar: The City Spotlight

Planning a visit to Kashmir? Don’t miss out on Srinagar: The City Spotlight. In this article, we are going to let you know the history of Srinagar city, its famous attractions, the activities and tips/guide.

Srinagar isn’t just a city, it’s an essence of Kashmir. It’s the largest city of Jammu & Kashmir that lies on the banks of river Jhelum. Srinagar is famous for its ancient gardens, Dal Lake, and food. Srinagar is also a hub of Kashmiri traditional shawls and other arts.

The spices and street food fill the lanes and bylanes of downtown Srinagar with aroma. Srinagar is heaven for traders as you can find spice, shawls, paper mache traders in every corner of Srinagar. So if you’re planning to visit Kashmir, don’t leave without saying Hello to this city of culture and heritage.

Why visit Srinagar?

To say the least, Srinagar is an important tourist attraction due to its richness in culture and tradition. Srinagar city was founded by Asoka in 250 BC. There are still some temples and sites from that time. One of the most important temples is the Shankaracharya Temple and Kheer Bhawani among others.

Srinagar also has a few important Gurduwaras among which is Chatipadshah Gurudwara. It attracts many Sikh devotees from all over the world.

Apart from temples and gurudwaras, Srinagar is home to some ancient mosques as well. Jamia masjid lies is in the middle of Srinagar. Its architecture is absolutely breathtaking. Once you get there, you’ll feel a spiritual relief.
Another important mosque is Pathar Masjid which stands in Old Zaina Kadal. It’s famous for the grey limestone on its exterior that adds more charm to the mosque. It was built by Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir. Hazratbal Shrine is another most visited tourist attraction in Srinagar, it looks at the view of the beautiful Dal Lake.

Besides the religious sites, Srinagar has Mughal Gardens which are the epitome of Mughal architecture and gardening. Srinagar doesn’t only attract nature lovers but also shopaholics. Its markets offer beautiful Kashmiri handicrafts and home decor. The Kashmiri Products are not only exotic but also excellent in quality.

Now you tell us, are these reasons not enough to visit Srinagar: The City Spotlight?

What to do in Srinagar?

Srinagar doesn’t disappoint the adventurous folk. The activities in Srinagar include Trekking, Shikara Ride, Paragliding, Water Skiing, Houseboat Stay, etc.

While in Srinagar, you can experience a luxurious stay at the Houseboat. You’ll truly feel like royalty. The Houseboat gives an experience that of a floating hotel with a gorgeous view.

Without a Shikara Ride, your visit to Kashmir is as bland as food without salt. You can explore the entire Dal Lake in the Shikara. Dal Lakes floating marketing offer handicrafts, food, flowers, jewelry, etc. The shopping while on Shikara Ride hits different.

If you’re a water sports lover, you will enjoy water skiing. You can do it at Dal Lake and Manasbal Lake. Very similar to surfing, water skiing is a completely thrilling experience.

When in Srinagar, you may want to visit the Shankaracharya temple. The fun way is to trek your way up there. It’s thrilling and a great way to stay fit during vacation.

Wait, it doesn’t stop here! Srinagar: The City Spotlight has more to offer. If you want an ariel view of the Srinagar city without having to get on a helicopter! That’s it, my friend. Go paragliding.

Tips for the Travellers:

The best time to plan a visit to Srinagar is April-October. October onwards, it gets chilly in Kashmir including Srinagar.

The best time to see snowfall is in December-February. If you’re visiting during winter, it’s best to carry layers of wool and jackets along with you.

When visiting Srinagar, be sure to carry all your necessary documents along. Such as your tickets, identity card, Passport, Visa, and other permits.

When traveling to Srinagar, be wise enough to take all your necessary medicines along. Take anti-headache pills, anti-nausea pills, etc.

So, these were a few tips to bear in mind before you land in Srinagar. These tips and guides will help you plan a smooth trip to Srinagar. We hope you find our article helpful. If so, please share the article with your friends and give us a thumbs up. Also, check out our article on Kashmiri traditional food. Check it here

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