You would be wrong to assume that Kashmir is just about the mighty mountains, clear roaring waters, and royal gardens. Kashmir is a paradise for those with wanderlust but it’s also a haven for foodies as well. This article is exclusively for people with never-ending cravings for scrumptious food and delightful beverages. Here’s a list of 5 Kashmiri Delicacies to try in 2022.

01) Tabak Maaz – Mutton Ribs:

Tabak Maaz is an authentic Kashmiri recipe made using mutton ribs, mild spices and ghee. It’s an essential part of the Wazwan feast. Without Tabak Maaz, Wazwan is incomplete. While you’re in Kashmir, it’s a must-try dish and you can easily get it in any restaurant serving Kashmiri Wazwan. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you’re going to love these mutton ribs deep-fried in ghee. Tabak Maaz is an exceptionally tasty dish and it had to be a part of our list of 5 Kashmiri delicacies to try in 2022.

2) Kahwa:

Kahwa is a heartwarming drink to keep you warm on a chilly day in Kashmir. Kahwa is an amazing blend of cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. It tastes sweet and is yellow in colour. Its garnished with almonds and pistachios. Kahwa is the main serving at Kashmiri weddings or on any auspicious day but you can get it easily at the hotels or in any Kashmir based restaurant in Kashmir.

Kahwa is also known for its health benefits, it’s especially beneficial for heart and gut health. This exceptionally lip-smacking beverage is a must on our list of 5 Kashmiri Delicacies to try in 2022.

3) Harrisa:

Kashmiri Harrisa is one big sign that screams winter has arrived in Kashmir. Kashmiri’s embrace winter with wide-open arms with this mutton preparation. Cooking Harrisa is an overnight task and the results are overwhelming. The meat is put to heat all night and made into a thick paste. It is eaten for breakfast with naan or flatbread. Preparing Harrisa may seem like a herculean task but it’s all worth it. Like Kashmir winters, Our list of 5 Kashmir delicacies to try in Kashmir 2022 is incomplete without Harrisa.

If you’re planning to visit Kashmir in winter, Do not leave without having this aromatic dish. Lanes and by lanes of downtown Srinagar smell divine because of the aroma of this mouth-watering dish. You can get to have Harrisa in Downtown Srinagar and it’s best to get there early in the morning.

4) Nun Chai – Pink Tea:

Kashmiri Nun Chai or Pink Tea is salty and an absolute authentic Kashmiri recipe. You may get to have this tea outside Kashmir but we bet it’s not exactly what Nun Chai tastes like. If you’re in Kashmir, you better not leave without having this salty tea with Kashmiri Kulcha. Kulcha is a type of bread that is crispy and garnished with poppy seeds. It’s often served at weddings and other gatherings in Kashmir.

Nun Chai gets its unique colour due to tea leaves and baking soda. Its garnishings include coconut shavings, almonds and pistachios. If you’re planning a visit to Kashmir, this one delicacy is a must try and we had to put it in our list of 5 Kashmiri delicacies to try in 2022 So that you don’t miss out on this delightful tea.

5) Rista:

Rista is another authentic Kashmiri dish. Like Tabak Maaz, Rista is also a part of the Wazwan feast. It’s not a regular meatball, it’s tender, soft and juicy that it melts in your mouth. Its main ingredients are chillies and mutton broth. Because of its red colour, it’s even more tempting to look at. Ristas are usually the main course item at Kashmiri weddings and other occasions. You can get it easily at any restaurant that serves Kashmiri food. Once you have tasted Rista we bet, there’s no going back. Its taste is unforgettable and it’s one of the most loved dishes of Kashmir.

Making Rista is no cakewalk, it takes the Waza (Wazwan Chef) hours to prepare this lip-smacking dish. Trying to make Rista at home is a very difficult task because its outer part is textureless, that’s how finely it’s made. If you’re a foodie, planning on a visit to Kashmir then Rista has to be on your list of 5 Kashmiri delicacies to try in 2022.

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